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Kate Adams has a voice made of honey and razor blades, forged in the tall pines of Washington state, the rolling hills of central Missouri, and sharpened by Chicago winters. She writes songs in the key of easy piano and plays them on an acoustic guitar, but she sings them like they are laced with barbed wire. Most of them would make more sense if you got lost in the woods one night and heard them whispered through the trees, but she’ll sing them for you anyway.

Since arriving in Chicago in 2010, Kate Adams has been performing at underground supper clubs, galleries and basement shows. Recently, she was a featured artist at Brave New Art World and has also been featured on the Chicago Mixtape and NPR/WBEZ's Morning Shift.
@katesingsthings on twitter/instagram
Latest from the Katest
These songwriters are all ballers. You should come hang.
Do you guys know what a nerd I am for this song?  
Cool.  Because I get to share a bill with JC Brooks in a few weeks.
Come hang tonight!  6pm-ish!
Tom Schraeder and His Ego (and his cat) want you to come check us out at The Hideout tomorrow!  We’ll be playing the new album, GUSH, in it’s entirety!  Chicagoist calls the album “an epic stunner,”  come find out why!
Always  a good time hanging with Tom Schraeder and His Ego
photo by Herman Asph
styling by Kristen Miller, makeup by Jamie Tannenbaum
Got to hang with the insanely talented Herman Asph yesterday.  Vastly better photos coming soon from Herman.
notes and bolts in the works
chill set tonight at TND’s Safari Supper.  I played the 3rd course with Feast and Imbibe at Magick St